Funke Treasure kicks-off My Period Stories podcast series

Anike-ade Funke Treasure

Award-winning broadcast journalist Anike-ade Funke Treasure has launched a podcast series entitled “My Period Stories”.

The one-time general manager of Radio One 103.5FM said in a press statement on Wednesday that the podcast would feature conversations and stories about menstruation, and would form part of her Sanitary Pad Media Campaign (SPMC).

According to her, the podcasts would touch diverse issues, policies, and perspectives about menstruation from peoples across the world.

She said: “It would feature stories of everyday people – girls, women, men, governments, NGOs, international bodies, and communities around the globe. 

“The editions would capture authentic stories of pains and gains in the advocacy to get free sanitary pads into the hands of every girl in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.

“The series use a variety of formats in storytelling ranging from interviews, discussions, reports, testimonies and more to tell stories about issues, policies and activities regarding menstrual periods.”

According to her, “Period poverty isn’t just about money, it’s also about the shame and taboo that shrouds menstruation. These often lead to people feeling too uncomfortable to reach out for help when they experience difficulties. For this to happen, we need to hold period-centered conversations in public spaces.”

Funke Treasure explained that SPMC’s vision is to join forces with individuals and organisations across the world “working to eradicate period poverty, one girl at a time, one underserved community at a time, and one public school at a time.”

In pursuant of this vision, she noted that SPMC joined in the distribution of menstrual hygiene items along with others by instituting a scholarship scheme for school aged girls which now has 425 girls in four states of the federation namely Lagos, Oyo, Kwara, Kaduna and Benue states.

The scholarship provides menstrual items like pads, pants, beverage, soap and sanitisers to girls monthly, as an incentive to remain in school, she added.

“Recently we had a donation of 10,000 units of re-usable sanitary pads from Diatom Impact, this has given impetus to our outreaches and partnerships with organisations actively working in the health, education and development sectors,” Funke Treasure said.

Go here to listen to the first episode of My Period Stories podcast.