Woman who admitted sleeping with dogs in podcast with Biola Adebayo allegedly dies by suicide

Biola Adebayo

A woman who said she slept with her dogs for pleasure in a podcast with actress Biola Adebayo has allegedly died by suicide.

The actress announced in a video she posted on Instagram on Saturday that the woman identified as Nike took her life.

It followed online criticism of the woman after clips from the podcast were posted on social media.

“FEEL LIKE A FAILURE FOR THE FIRST TIME,” Biola captioned the Instagram post announcing the woman’s death.

Speaking in the video accompanying the post, the actress said “For the first time in my life, I feel like a failure. Nike died. The lady I just interviewed who said she slept with dogs committed suicide. People heard her story. They abused me. They said we formulated the story that they are not real. I gave her a listening ear, but she didn’t tell me she was going to die.

“She committed suicide. I sent her number to therapists. I didn’t know she was going to commit suicide.”

The actress shared another post showing a note sent to her by the deceased’s friend who identified herself as Folorunsho.

“This The Note I Got From Her Friend. She didn’t wait to see the interview. She didn’t wait to see all the online bu11ies (sic),” Biola captioned the second post along with crying emojis.

The note said to have been sent by the deceased’s friend read” Good day ma, my name is folorunsho am Nike friend, am sorry I was only playing along with some messages on Nike phone, Nike died three days ago but as a friend I wanted to know why Nike poisoned herself so I decided to play along with some of her messages maybe I could get an hint.

“So this evening I was in her room packing her stuff because her sister is coming to pack them tomorrow then I saw her dairy, so she has message for you that is why I decided to let you know what is happening (sic).”

The post also comes with what is said to be a suicide note and the corpse of the woman.

Nike had told Abiola in the podcast, “When I was in school, in my room I would lock my room and call my two dogs to lick my private parts. I would start crying afterwards and start cursing myself.”