Funke Akindele suspended filming A Tribe Called Judah because of me – Uzee Usman

Uzee Usman

Actor Uzee Usman has revealed that filmmaker Funke Akindele suspended production of her latest film A Tribe Called Judah for one month because of him.

The Kannywood star revealed this in a post via Instagram on Friday in which he expressed gratitude to Funke for featuring him in the box office film.

Uzee Usman said he had other jobs at the time, therefore, featuring in Funke’s project became a challenge for him but the actress was kind enough to suspend filming for one month so he could meet up.

Uzee who plays the character Adamu added that he fell sick on the first day on set and Funke showed compassion and took care of him till he was able to shoot his scenes.

He wrote: “Olufunke Akindele hmmmm MY LOVER!!! I will tell you guys why I call her that. I remember when you send me a message on WhatsApp ur in 🇺🇸 we hard long conversations about a tribe called Judah. And you came back to 9ja held a meeting with the Judah Boies we all love the concept so much. But have lot of challenges abt timing with other jobs, I was so disturbed because I wanted to work with her & I love the story but I opened up to her and told her all my challenges she said uzee I will move the job because of you for one month.

“The 1st day I enter Funke set, camp I fell seriously sick because was coming from a hectic shoot but she did not complain one bit she took total responsibility for my health and took very good care of me till I can shoot. & while we were filming she was taking care of all the cast & crew like her own blood family guys nothing you will ask Anty Funke that she will say no she will definitely find a solution to ur problem ask all the cast pls.

“If I talk here the talk to plenty, IG go full bam bam. Lots of people told you even why Uzee but you no answer them because you only listen to the almighty.”

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Expressing gratitude to Funke, the 37-year-old wrote: “All I want to say to you my lover this morning is I want to thank you very much for believing in me & the opportunity to be part of #ATRIBECALLEDJUDAH my 2023 will never be this amazing without you in my life. God keep blessing you. Love you plenty, purest hearted soul.”

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