Funke Akindele celebrates 2nd wedding anniversary

Funke Akindele and husband

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, is celebrating the second anniversary of her marriage to musician and producer, Abdul Rasheed Bello, popularly known as JJC.

The pair got married secretly in London on August 23, 2016, the eve of Funke’s 39th birthday.

They have since taken their marriage public with a series of public and social media appearances together.

To celebrate their second anniversary, Funke and JJC posted a photo reel with messages of endearment to each other.

“Thank you so much for your love, patience, care and support. I pray we live longer together in happiness, good health and abundant wealth in Jesus name,” Funke wrote to her husband.

“Thank you my love for coming to my life and making my house into a home. Our Mummy. My best friend and my padi of life. Two years flew by so fast. I pray we last through to our old age. Happy anniversary my love,” the husband responded.

Funke and her husband said shortly after their wedding: “The decision to do it quietly was right for us and we pray for the understanding of our close friends and fans at this offer of a lifetime moment.

“At a good time, we shall look back and in appreciation of divine grace and your support, we shall celebrate milestones and where we are in life.”

The two have gone on to launch a series of business ventures together while also working on solo projects.