Filmmaker Pamela Adie vows to honour Cindy Amadi with lesbian movie sequel

Pamela Adie LGBT

Filmmaker and LGBTQ rights activist Pamela Adie has expressed sorrow over the death of actress Cindy Amadi.

On Thursday, she took to her Instagram Story with a message, writing that the sequel to the lesbian movie Ife would be completed in her honour.

“This wasn’t the plan, Cindy. I promised you we’d make the sequel and you were excited. I’m sorry we couldn’t complete it in time. But we will complete it…for you. Rest in Peace for now,” Pamela wrote.


Cindy Amadi, star of Nigerian lesbian movie Ife, dies

Nigeria’s first lesbian movie goes online to beat censorship

Cindy was confirmed dead on Thursday through a statement posted on the Instagram account created for the movie Ife.

She starred as Adaora in the film which is Nollywood’s first LGBTQ movie.