Fela’s daughter Motunrayo Kuti showers first child with love on ninth birthday

Motunrayo Kuti, daughter of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, has showered her first child Ifeniolami with love on the latter’s ninth birthday.

Motunrayo penned down a lovely tribute to the girl via Instagram on Friday. She prayed for peace, protection and grace upon the celebrant’s life.

She wrote: “As you turn 9 years old today, pray for long life for you, I pray for peace and abundance in every aspect of your life, I pray for God’s divine protection, pray for blessings and grace upon your life today and every day of your life.

“Glory glory God Divine help is what you l enjoy from this day forward my darling, loving, and intelligent daughter Eledumare watch over you and your brother… You will fulfill your destiny in Jesus name.

“You are a wonderful daughter my darling you have a very soft heart and God wil protect it and guide you in every step you take.. Amen No evil eye shall befall you in Jesus name Just know that we love you so much ifeniolami.. we adore you and we ll be with you in all the steps you take in life today and forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FIRST SEED.”

Fela’s daughter Motunrayo Kuti gets married

Motunrayo’s brother Seun Kuti also celebated the girl on Instagram.

Like her siblings, Motunrayo is an entertainer. She is the CEO of Ifeniomous Entertainment, a record label that she named after her daughter.

Her mother, Damiregba, was one of the 27 women who got married to Fela in 1978.