Fani-Kayode’s Ghanaian wife reacts to Chikwendu’s fresh allegation

Femi Fani-Kayode and Precious Chikwendu

Regina Fani-Kayode, Ghanaian wife of ex-minister of aviation Femi Fani-Kayode, has accused former beauty queen Precious Chikwendu of demonising her husband on social media.

Ms Chikwendu recently accused the former minister and Senator Grace Bent of intimidating her with the police. Chikwendu has a case in court for the custody of her four boys whom she had while she was married to Fani-Kayode.

Regina, Fani-Kayode’s other wife for the past 27 years, said in a post on social media that her husband has never threatened, assaulted or endangered Chikwendu.

She also berated Chikwendu for claiming that she was denied access to her children.

Regina’s defence of the ex-minister followed one made by Fani-Kayode’s new lover Nerita Ezenwa on Sunday.

Regina wrote, “For all those rightly distressed by the issues of Precious, please get your facts right. FFK was not involved in her lock up.

“She called a Senator and rained abuses on her for being a friend to FFK, then come on social media to lie about her life being attacked by the Senator.”

According to Regina, Senator Bent took up the case after Chikwendu allegedly insulted her over the phone and made a post on her social media page alleging that the senator was after her life.

“The Senator had the case investigated to ensure that she’s not wrongfully implicated in the future and her character defamed by the lies.

“Precious has never been denied access to the children. She can visit them at any time. You can ask her lawyer.

“She walked out of the house over the issue at the hotel because she wanted to continue with her affairs,” she said.

Regina further accused Chikwendu of brutalising her own children since their birth owing to their health issues.

“She has psychological issues due to childhood trauma. She tried to stab her children and FFK and actually did stab one of her relatives in the house. It took her doctors and several police officers 6 hrs to restrain her,” she alleged.