Eucharia Anunobi reveals kind of man she wants as husband

Actress Eucharia Anunobi has revealed the kind of man she wants as her husband.

In an old interview with BBC Igbo which resurfaced after rumours that the 56-year-old was dating a 27-year-old actor Lucky Oparah circulated on the internet, Eucharia stated that she wanted a man who is god-fearing and handsome.

She wrote: “Please, I use this opportunity to tell the world that I want to marry urgently. A great man should show himself and put a ring on this finger of mine.

“My specification is a man who is God-fearing and handsome. He must be up to the task, having everything that makes a man male, you must be complete, that is all I can say.”

On social media, Eucharia regularly teaches men and women on how best to handle their relationships.

In one of her teachings, the Glamour Girls actress pointed out that a woman cannot blossom without a man’s love.

The actress who has been ordained as a pastor explained with an example from the Bible that a woman’s flourishing quality lies in the way she is treated by her man.

“A woman can’t bloom nor blossom until she is drenched in the avalanche of your unwavering COMMITMENT. So your ENTITLEMENT TO BEING CALLED LORD / MASTER (like Sarah called Abraham) is dependent on your loving her, EVEN WITH HER WRINKLES, STRETCH MARKS, FLABBY STOMACH AND BREAST (remember she was once very supple and alluring)without an iota of doubt,” she wrote, quoting Genesis 18:12 and Ephesians 6:9.