SCOAN releases video to counter BBC documentary on Ajoke claiming to be TB Joshua’s biological daughter

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Thessalonica on Wednesday, January 17 published a video on YouTube to counter the claim by a woman named Ajoke that she was the biological child of the late Prophet TB Joshua.

Ajoke was part of those interviewed in the BBC documentary where several allegations were made against Joshua.

However, in the video released by SCOAN Thessalonica, Joshua is seen speaking to his disciples who were gathered over Ajoke.

Joshua told his disciples in the video that he was surprised about Ajoke’s behaviour, adding that he called them to a meeting to tell them about her actions and that he was taking her to an orphanage.

The cleric showed them letters written by Ajoke, whom he adopted as his child after she was abandoned as a baby on a street close to SCOAN, Lagos in 1995. The letters were of her pleading to the management of The British School in Lome, Togo where she was enrolled by Joshua, telling the school she was sorry for stealing 41,000 CFA and asking that the matter does not get to Joshua.

The school however wrote to Joshua in a letter signed by one Gareth Jones, saying it acknowledged Joshua’s fear of his name being tarnished but assured that the matter was being contained.

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“Two months ago, I had to call the commissioner of police saying they should trace the file and they brought the file to me and there was a letter saying that I should return her and I held on to it,” Joshua told his disciples in the video.

He said he held on to the letter to return Ajoke to the police so she could be taken to an orphanage because he hoped she would change for the better.

Several persons also spoke, saying Ajoke stole money from people in the females’ room.

Joshua said the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he learnt that one of his disciples named Loison returned to Ghana because Ajoke was pestering him for a romantic relationship. The late televangelist called Loison during the meeting with his disciples and put him on speaker so everyone could hear.

Joshua said he removed his last name earlier given to Ajoke so she would not soil his reputation.

A police report concluded the video and it was stated that a man from SCOAN reported that Ajoke sneaked out during a church service on July 26, 2015 with a male friend and was unreachable.