Erelu Okin apologises for sharing petrol as souvenir at installation ceremony

Erelu Okin

Erelu Okin of Kemta Kingdom Pearl Ogbolu has apologised for distributing petrol as souvenir at her installation party in Oniru area of Lagos on Friday.

Since the video of the kegs of petrol went viral, the socialite has come under criticism by the public.

The state government also condemned the act, saying it was a risk to lives and property. As part of the fallout of the incident, Havillah Event Centre where the installation ceremony held has been shut while the police have launched a manhunt on all those involved.

However, Ogbolu said in an Instagram post on Saturday that she only wanted to appreciate her guests for attending the ceremony amid fuel scarcity in the country.

“I want to use this medium to apologise for the momentarily indiscretion of bringing fuel Souvernirs into the hall,” she said.

“My intent was just to show appreciation to my guests for turning up at my event at these hard times.

“I have paused to reflect and truly apologise and I thank you all for your understanding and criticisms.”