Embrace charity, Liberia VP tells African leaders

Liberia Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has called on leaders on the continent to live in unity, embrace charity and pay more attention to the less-privileged in the society.

The Liberian number two citizen said this on Tuesday in a reception held in her honour in Lagos by Esther Ajayi Foundation.

Mrs Howard-Taylor noted that if everyone extends a hand of charity to his fellow African, the continent would develop quickly within a short time.

“Africa will grow more if we are more united, the poverty we have in our various countries will reduce if we remain our brother’s keeper and pay more attention to charity and the less privileged in the society,” Howard-Taylor said.

She also urged those who are already in the business of assisting the needy not to relent in their efforts.

“I therefore call on everyone who has been giving a helping hand to the African project to continue, and even do more so that we can reach more of the African people,” she said.

Howard-Taylor thanked her host, founder of Esther Ajayi Foundation,  Reverend Esther Ajayi for championing the cause of charity and unity in Africa.

“Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi has become a symbol of unity, she has also been a strong contributor in the area of charity, I salute and urge more people to follow her footsteps,” she said.

In her response, Reverend Ajayi lauded the vice president for her humane nature, saying that she is a working example for African nations regarding love, fellowship and unity.