Dubai gears up for African Aviation Summit

Organisers of Aviation Africa 2015, said on Monday in Nairobi, that the summit due to open on 10 May in Dubai, would underscore the immense potential of the African aviation market.


Alan Peaford, Summit Chairman, said the two-day event was being held to forge a crucial dialogue among the aviation industry’s leading stakeholders on the social, economic and political benefits to be gained from wide-ranging improvements to the infrastructure in Africa.


He said aviation in Africa was currently supporting over 6.9 million jobs and over 800 billion dollars in GDP across African nations.


Peaford said this was nothing compared with what it could become.


“Annually, a further 155,000 jobs and 1.3 billion dollars in GDP can be added through the effective liberalisation of just 12 key markets’’, he said.


He said the key markets included Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, according to an independent report published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


“If you look at the sheer potential of just a handful of African airlines, routes and airports, you realize just how enormous an impact Africa can have on the future of aviation.


“Moreover, you can clearly see just how beneficial a progressive aviation industry can be for the socio-economic future of the continent”, he added.


Peaford said geographically, Africa was ideally located right next to well-established hubs in the Gulf, and was able to capitalise on the passenger and cargo traffic already streaming through the region.


“Aviation Africa 2015 will fill a void in the aviation calendar and give Africa a real chance to progress quickly, effectively and safely”, he said.