Doyin Kukoyi demands refund from NAHCON as Saudi authority sponsors hajj trip

Actress Doyin Kukoyi has demanded a refund from the National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) after accusing the organisation of defrauding her and others. reported that the actress in a video on Wednesday accused NAHCON of fraud after missing her hajj flight.

Doyin said her visa to travel for the 2022 hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia came out on Saturday but she and others have been at the airport trying to board, only to be told that the air space has been closed and the commission would provide a rescue flight.

The media personality took to Instagram on Thursday, July 7 to give the public an update on the matter in a video she posted on the platform.

The actress said the Saudi authority opened the airspace for another two days in order for them to make the pilgrimage. She also thanked the authorities for rebooking them.

Doyin further demanded a refund from NAHCON who she claimed to have refused to address the matter, insisting that they paid 750k each for their flight expenses.

Kukoyi stated that she will continue to call out the organisation until she gets her money back while wishing herself and others a safe trip to mecca.

“They did not do anything, they did not come to our aid we are here right now courtesy of Saudi authority and Yusuf International Travel and Tours. Thank you for everything, the feeding, and everything is sorted out for us. I am saying it again and again, our 750, we want our money back There was no rescue flight on ground,” she said in parts.