Islam won’t let you down, Kazim Adeoti tells wife Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe & Kazim Adeoti

Film marketer Kazim Adeoti has taken to Instagram to appreciate his wife Mercy Aigbe for joining him in performing the 2023 Hajj rites. 

In April 2023, Mercy confirmed she converted from Christianity to Islam after marrying Adeoti.

In a video Adeoti posted on Instagram on Friday, Mercy thanked him for taking her to Mecca.

She prayed that God would keep them together in good health. The actress also expressed thanks for her new religion, adding that she feels hopeful and blessed.


Mercy Aigbe’s fans prepare for her return from Mecca 

Mercy Aigbe completes Umrah in Mecca 

Adeoti captioned the video, “Alhamdulilai robil al-amin. Thank God for the completion of our 2023 Umrah/Hajj rites.

“I’m very pleased with you, Alhaja Minnah and I know that Allah is also pleased with you. I can promise you that Islam will never let you down, Amin.

“May Allah accept our sacrifices and supplication from us as an act of Ibadah.

“And to everyone that wishes to visit the holy land in Saudi Arabia, may Allah grant your wishes and make it easy for you. Amin. Jummah Mubarak.”