Doctor bites off suspected rapist’s tongue in South Africa

A 24-year-old doctor in Bloemfontein, South Africa has bitten off part of the tongue of a suspected rapist.

The doctor was in the staff quarters at Pelenomi Tertiary Hospital when the alleged sex assault happened.

She told the police that the man posed as a patient to get into the hospital and forced his tongue in her mouth while kissing her.

Police immediately alerted other hospitals when the 32-year-old suspect fled.

The suspect turned up at 2 am on Tuesday at National Hospital with horrific wounds to his tongue.

He was then taken to Universitas Hospital for surgery.

Health department spokesman, Mondli Mvambi, said: “During the scuffle the doctor managed to bite off the tongue of the alleged perpetrator who ran off.

“He was later arrested and then taken for plastic surgery and was operated on under police guard and he we will be handed over to be taken before a court in due course.

“It is by the grace of God that the doctor had the strength to fight back and bite the suspect’s tongue off. She is currently undergoing medical tests and counselling.”