‘Do Good’ actor, LinChung Oliver, dies in car crash

LinChung Oliver Do Good

Nollywood actor, LinChung Oliver, also known as Sylvanus in TV series Do Good, has died in a car crash.

Oliver died on his way to Lagos after attending his mother’s burial in his hometown.

Producer of Do Good series, Basorge Tariah, announced the death of the actor via Instagram.

He said: “My Heart is so so heavy right now. I am in a dark and painful place. Tragedy is a euphemism. We just lost SILVANUS of DO GOOD.

”My dear brother was returning from the burial of his mother when death added my friend to his mean account. RIP. These tears won’t stop flowing.

“Am so speechless and so sad. You were such a lovely soul. You smile, you play and never complained.

“You leave a vacuum that most of the world cannot fill. I will miss you so much, it burns my heart. Sleep! Sleep great and awesome Talent. Sleep.”

The late actor once worked at Star FM on a radio programme alongside a few other comedians.

His death comes days after that of Ishola Olabisi popularly known as Bisket.