DJ Cuppy goes on lunch date in Dubai

DJ Cuppy

Disc jockey Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy had a lunch date with a Nigerian-Dubai-based chef Jahmal in Dubai.

The 29-year-old shared a photo of herself getting fed by the chef on Instagram on Thursday.

Jahmal had tweeted the disc jockey informing her of his intention to host her before she leaves Dubai which she obliged.

“A woman of my word. SWIPE Lunch with @TheLazyChefGram at his house…and it’s Gelato for dessert,” she wrote.

Cuppy also wrote on Instagram saying she had partied all night and she needs to be more responsible given her age.

However, Cuppy added that even though she is 29, she is still going to have fun because life is short.

“At 29 years old I just partied till 7 am on a boat, things are really happening, I am not aging, I seem to be aging the wrong way, I need to be more responsible. I am a mother of fun, life is short so I must have fun. Things are really happening,” she said in parts.