Destiny Etiko visits Yahaya Bello

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has paid Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello a visit.

The 31-year-old shared a picture of herself and Mr Bello on Instagram on Thursday.

She turned off her comment section, allowing no one to make any comment.

The purpose of her visit was not mentioned.

“HIS EXCELLENCY YAHAYA ADOZA BELLO God bless u more for the Warm reception sir,” she wrote.

Destiny was rumored to be having an affair with the Chief Executive Officer of Belema Oil, Jack Rich following the revelation of her Prado.

Addressing the accusation laid against her, Destiny said she is innocent and knows nothing about the man rumoured to be sponsoring her luxurious life is in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“I have been an independent hardworking woman all my life, all the haters, bloggers, friends in disguise and evil doers sponsoring false news about me all in the bid to tarnish my image and trend, this is for u all.

“My God will continue to punish each and everyone dat has anything to do with since u don’t appreciate good things,” she wrote.

Mr Rich also came out to put the rumours to rest saying he has never seen Destiny nor heard of her name.

”Just saw these..can this be real news…What a world. Campaign of calumny… great news and achievements for societal advancement are not given widespread publicity to encourage others to help those in need. Never seen these faces before, never heard of these names either not to talk of closeness to such magnitude.

“But such is life. Never got calls and great spreads of our vision for a prosperous communities and nation but as preposterous as these, circulation reaching 5m…waaaoooh…what a political enigma….these real or one of those jokes thrown by political strategist or Wisemen to keep one defending what is unreal to shrink ability to create real substances to address needs,” he wrote.

Destiny revealed her new car to her followers on Instagram on February 4.

Sharing a video and pictures of her Land Cruiser Prado, she said, “An extra baby added to my garage.”