Dead man ‘grabs’ brother’s hand in mortuary

There was panic at the mortuary of the Plateau Specialist Hospital in Jos on Monday when the hand of the corpse of a man being prepared for burial suddenly grabbed his living brother’s hand.

The incident happened as the deceased, identified as Choji Zeng, was being dressed up by his brother, in preparation for burial.

Family members, who had participated in the washing of the corpse, ran out in panic as they saw the dead holding tight to his younger brother, Gyang Zeng.

The pandemonium attracted mortuary attendants, who came in to separate the two brothers who had lived together at Ungwan Juma’a Abattoir in Jos metropolis.

Zeng, 35 years old, died after a brief illness, relations said. He was said to have suffered from a liver disease.

Gyang Zeng confirmed the unusual incident to the News Agency of Nigeria. He said after bathing his brother, he was dressing him with white cloth, when his corpse grabbed his hands.

He said he asked the deceased, “Choji why did you hold my hand, you want me to join you or what?”

The brother said he had to call the mortuary attendant who forced the dead hand off him.

Relations and neighbours who witnessed the incident also confirmed it to NAN.

One of the mortuary attendants said that was not the first time such a thing would happen in the mortuary.

Mr. Benjamin Oche, a neighbour of the two brothers who also witnessed the incident told NAN that before the demise of the deceased, both brothers had a misunderstanding.

He said both of them had quarrelled over the land they inherited from their parents.

But no foul play was suspected in Choji Zeng’s death.