Daddy Showkey condemns Mamuzee twin for allegedly abandoning dying mother


Veteran galala singer, Daddy Showkey, has called out Antonio Akpos Dixon and Andre Andos Dixon, otherwise called Mamuzee Twins, for allegedly failing to see their mother before her death.

Daddy Showkey also called out pastors who he accused of deceiving people that their mothers are witches, telling them that God will judge them.

The ‘Diana’ singer took to Instagram on Thursday saying, “I posted something on Instagram this morning and I decided to smile. The first person to put a smile on your face is your mum, she brought you into this world.

“This message is for two idiots. I called them and told there mum was in a coma, that they should call their mum or go and see their mum, they refuse, today they are putting their mum on Instagram for people to be giving them condolence, God will not forgive you.

“And for all those churches, pastors that lie to people, telling that their mother is a witch. Make una go if my mama na witch wetin concern una, God will judge you guys.”

Born in Accra, Ghana but of Bayelsa State, Nigeria origin, the Mamuzee twins were once popular in West Africa all the way to South Africa.

Their wormed their way into many hearts with their identical dressing and Ijaw dance.

The emergence of Goodluck Jonathan, a former governor of their home state, as Nigeria’s president made them a regular visitor to Aso Rock.

Married to identical twins, Mary and Martha, the duo have reportedly become gospel singers, appearing at a four-day event at the Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, which had South African based Malawian cleric, Shepherd Bushiri, as guest last year.