50 Cent was not on plane when Eedris Abdulkareem clashed with crew – Daddy Showkey

Musician Daddy Showkey has said that American rapper 50 Cent was not on the plane when his colleague Eedris Abdulkareem clashed with the rapper’s crew in 2004.

Daddy Showkey said this in an Instagram live session with QEDNG on Wednesday.

“First of all that plane did not move on that spot. 50 Cent was not even around, 50 Cent had not even come to that area that very day. 50 Cent was not there, so for you to say because Young Buck is 50 Cent’s boy, it is a lie, the plane did not move. Eedris and 50 Cent did not even see eye to eye, he was not there,” he said in parts.

When asked if 50 Cent disrespected Nigerian musicians, Daddy Showkey said: “How did he disrespect Nigerian artistes? Even at that airport that day, 50 Cent was very happy.

“50 Cent was giving people bundles of money from his pocket, he did not do it to impress anybody, the guy was just happy to be around black people, to be in Africa. Do you believe that 50 Cent will come all the way from America to disrespect anybody? What way did 50 Cent treat anybody bad?”

Watch the full interview below.