Cynthia Morgan shades Davido over birthday fundraising

Singer Cynthia Morgan

Singer Cynthia Morgan has shaded pop star Davido for requesting the sum of one million naira from his friends as a birthday gift.

The 30-year-old in a series of posts on her Instagram stories on Thursday said that “If you have to compel people to celebrate you, it means there is nothing to be celebrated.”

In another post, Cynthia wrote: “I said what I said and you can all kill yourselves. I no be billionaire but 1meter na chicken change. If you really rose by lifting others and you’re asking for 1meter publicly then your boys are on ungrateful. Make all of una lock up. Poor things.”

Because say all of us they do music no mean say all of us na mates. E be like say una wan mad, Nigerians are so myopic, they think everything is about hate. Yes, let me hate. At least I am not faking,” she wrote in another post.

Davido had on Tuesday started a one million challenge, asking his friends to send him money ahead of his birthday celebration.

During the crisis with her former Jude Okoye in 2020, Davido in a Twitter post told Cynthia to call him for possible collaboration.

Cynthia, however, claimed that she called the ‘Aye’ star but he did not pick her calls.