Cursed is anything else you use your tithe for – Matthew Ashimolowo

Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor and property investor, Matthew Ashimolowo, has once again warned Christians against refusal to pay 10 per cent of their income as tithe to the church.

According to the founder of the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), anything else done with the money no matter how noble is cursed.

Ashimolowo, who is one of the two subjects in a damning report by The Sun of UK on the lavish lifestyle of Nigerian pastors, placed the curse in a series of tweets he began on Monday.

“Never use the tithe to redeem a pledge or a vow. The tithe belongs to the LORD so when it is used for something else, it becomes an accursed thing,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

His church, according to The Sun report, rakes in £6.3m a year from tithing.

Despite criticism of lack of accountancy and mismanagement of funds by the Nigerian clergy, the 65-year-old insists tithes must be paid as an insurance against the devil.

A campaign by radio presenter and social media evangelist, Daddy Freeze, against tithing had earlier earned a rebuke from Ashimolowo who described the former as a drunk and wife beater among others.

See Ashimolowo’s tweets below.