Cossy Orjiakor denies assault claims by fiancé

Cossy Orjiakor

Nollywood actress and video vixen Cossy Orjiakor has denied claims of assault made by her German fiancé Abel Jürgen.

The 36-year-old shared pictures of her fiance and another man with bite marks and blood in an Instagram post on Sunday.

She said their relationship was toxic and it was her fiancé that had a problem.

“His drunken moments…….each time he drinks…..Run……everyone will look like a competition to him…..then my properties get damaged then I have to clean up after him. I wonder why he didn’t report this fight with another man.

“He has anger issues and always feel intimidated by any rich guy/girl around me…..he has a small medical condition that makes him feel I may cheat on him with others,” she wrote.

Abel had on Saturday shared pictures of his bitten hand claiming Cossy did it after they got into a fight on Instagram.

“Finally, it’s over between Cossy and I after she got in a fight with after she got drunk. This what she did to me got bitten from different corners,” he posted with pictures of the bites,” he said.

Cossy and Abel got engaged in August.