Coronavirus will force everyone to reorder priorities — IAPC President, De Vengeochea

President of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC), Mauricio De Vengeochea, has suggested that many international conferences that draw visitors across the globe might need to be reviewed as part of measures to beat down rate of physical travels.

Mr De Vengeochea, who was elected head of the international body in Vienna last year, said this would be part of the general reordering of priorities that must follow the circumstances humanity finds itself under covid-19.

He said the next annual conference of the IAPC which was earlier scheduled to hold in Miami, United States, in November stands the possibility of being turned to an online meeting.

“Although, the board of the organisation is yet to meet on that but it is certain that the November conference slated for Miami may have to be organised online because even by November, it is not certain that people around the world would have been tuned to doing much of physical travels,” he said.

Featuring on the maiden edition of a live Instagram show, Politics Everywhere with S-OK, Wednesday night, the IAPC President said the global experience with the coronavirus shows that so many human engagements must come under critical reviews as part of measures to maximise resources.

The interview was anchored by journalist and communication strategist, Semiu Okanlawon.

De Vengeochea said governments all over the world must now sit back to redesign their programmes and all forms of engagements with the citizenry, adding that the world cannot be the same again after a final solution is found to Covid-19.

On Covid-19 as possible major campaign issues, the leader of the world political consultants said both opposition parties and ruling parties must find common grounds to agree on solving societal problems, adding that it would be immoral to take undue advantage of the pandemic to score cheap political points.

He said the job of political consultants at this time would be to assess respective situations and advise their clients based on practical solutions towards ending the pandemic and alleviating the complications arising from it.

“Governments at all levels must respond accordingly. There cannot be a general application of rules all over the world. But political consultants can play such roles as advising on the appropriate measures to be applied under each circumstance,” he said.