Coronavirus: China Embassy denies stopping issuance of visa to Nigerians


The Embassy of China has denied stopping the issuance of visa to Nigerians.

The embassy’s spokesman, Sun Saixiong, said on Tuesday that the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr Zhou Pingjian, only advised those who wished to travel to China “not to be in a rush if the trip was not urgent.”

Mr Saixiong said the Chinese government is in touch with about 60 Nigerians resident in Wuhan where Coronavirus broke out.

Mr Pingjian had given an update on the epidemic in Abuja on Monday, saying that China had found a cure for it and that 475 persons had been discharged from the hospital after recovery.

According to him, the Coronavirus infection had risen to 17,205 from 14,380 confirmed cases while 361 persons had died from the disease.

Some 21,558 persons were also suspected of being infected with the virus in China’s mainland.

“A total of 361 people had died, 475 people had been discharged from hospital after recovery. These are not numbers, these are lives, families, communities. This is going to be an unforgettable Spring Festival for the Chinese as families are separated but united to stand together in the face of the disease,” he said.

The ambassador revealed that Chinese scientists are working to develop a vaccine for the virus which the World Health Organisation had declared as an international public health emergency.