Super Falcons harassed over Buhari in Austria

Super Falcons

Super Falcons have clashed with a man on a train in Vienna, Austria who accused them of playing for Nigeria despite the alleged atrocities going on in the West African country.

The team have been in Austria since July 15, officials said on Tuesday. The Falcons opted to have a view of the city after their morning training, and decided on public transport to the city centre.

The Falcons are in Austria on an eight-day intensive training camp as part of the preparation for the forthcoming Aisha Buhari Invitational Women’s Football Tournament.

In a video which has since gone viral, the man said, “I am also a Nigerian, and I have lived in Vienna for so many years and you people are representing a terrorist group. You Nigerian youths should be very ashamed of yourselves, every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

“This can’t happen in another country, that their youths are representing this government. Over 10 million Nigerian youths are abroad doing nothing and you people who are supposed to know about it are representing a terrorist organisation called Buhari, kidnapping citizens, killing youths.

“I am calling on you, go back home, don’t represent this country, you don’t understand what Nigerians are going through, you should be the ones to fight for everyone.”

The man claimed he played for the defunct Julius Berger FC, adding “corruption in Nigeria drove me here and I am here suffering.”

He also threatened to call the police on anyone who touched him.

Nigeria’s FIFA match agent Jairo Pachon said the matter has been reported to the Austrian police and the Embassy of Nigeria.

Pachon told, “It is unfortunate. The girls were on the way to the city centre which was just a few minutes from the hotel. They entered this train and the guy got inside and started insulting them. He was bundled out at the next station and we have reported the matter to the Embassy of Nigeria and the Austrian Police. We have never had this kind of case with any of our teams and lessons have been learnt and we will be guided appropriately going forward.

“This incident will not in any way affect the team’s camping programme and they will remain in Austria until Saturday, 24th July as scheduled.”