Comedian, Okon Lagos, robbed in Warri

Okon Lagos

Comedian and actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos, was reportedly robbed in Warri on Monday evening.

The news of his robbery was shared by his wife of three years, Idara Bishop, on her Instagram page in the early hours of Tuesday.

She said she got a call from a strange number and was surprised to hear her husband’s voice on the other end of the line.

Idara is dismayed by the turn of events and wonders why a person will want to commit such a wicked act against a man who makes people smile.

She prays the hoodlums return his stolen property as she is prepared to pay them without informing the police and also entreated the Lord for her husband’s safety and that of his colleagues.

So pathetic that the more we pray for a better Nigeria,the more things become so sour,few minutes ago,I saw a strange number calling and the voice I heard was my hubby’s voice. I was surprised to see him used a strange number to call, I quote him “Baby pray for me,ive just been robbed by Robbery men in warri,and all my gadgets and money have been taken away from me,threatening to kill me also,I’m stranded and the event I’m supposed to attend here, I can’t make it anymore,no contact to communicate with anyone for direction,except yours” For the first time I’m feeling this way,how on earth can someone do this to another man,even to the one that God has given to this country and the world as a gift of antismile to clear away people’s sadness. I pray only to God to touch their minds,and as they have said,they will return the phones and other items taken,but only and if money will be paid to them without informing the police,which is not a problem. I pray for my husband’s safety and that of my family,may God continue to keep and preserve my household,also pray for the safety of all my husband’s colleagues @jnrpope @walteranga @mikegodson @empressnjamah,@funkymallam @daniellaokeke @mikeezu and all of them.Safety is yours @okonlagos

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