CNN’s Stephanie Busari pays tributes to mum with video of speech given on relocating to Lagos from London

Stephanie Busari

Bureau head of CNN Africa Stephanie Busari has paid tributes to her late mum Cecilia Olukoya-Busari who would have turned 70 on Thursday, November 9.

Mrs Olukoya-Busari died in 2022 of multiple illnesses, according to Busari, in the United Kingdom.

The 46-year-old journalist shared a video on Instagram of the speech her late mum gave seven years ago when she (Busari) was leaving London for Lagos.

“What a beautiful bittersweet memory of my mum this is. It would have been her 70th birthday today and taking the morning to reflect on her life.

“The pain of her loss is so intense today but these memories are so precious. Take plenty of photos and videos of loved ones while you still can. They take on far more poignant meanings in years to come.

“I remember this day 7 years ago when I was leaving London for Lagos and our friends and family gathered to send us off. It was such a beautiful day and your heartfelt speech was the best part. You’re gone Mum but never forgotten. Love you always,” she wrote in her post.

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Busari noted that she was brokenhearted until she got a call from a friend which was soothing.

“I have been so sad and heartbroken but God has found different ways to show up. Just this morning @udo_okonjo called me out of the blue, she had just finished worshiping and I flashed to her mind and she called to check on me.

“She could not have known how much I needed that call in that moment. When God puts someone in your heart, try to heed the instruction immediately and call or message them.

“God is so mindful of us in the little and big things and I praise him for his enduring love and compassion,” she added.