CNN’s Stephanie Busari mourns friend who died in Ikoyi building collapse

Bureau head of CNN Africa Stephanie Busari has expressed grief over the death of her friend Samuel Iwelu whom she said was among those trapped after a 21-storey building collapsed in Lagos.

In a post on Instagram, Busari said she was reporting a few metres away from the site of the collapsed building on Monday, oblivious that Iwelu, 34, was also trapped in the rubble.

“I have reported on many disasters in my career but I never, ever thought my latest report on the building collapse in Ikoyi would hit so close to home.

“I was reporting just metres away from the collapsed site that fateful Monday night, not knowing you were under the rubble, Sammy,” she wrote on Saturday.

The journalist shared a video of herself while reporting at the site, adding that she “would have dug through the rubble and called out your name”.

According to her, the deceased was a large-hearted man who loved deeply, gave freely, and cherished his family and friends.

“I wish I told you more often. Your work ethic, your heart, your integrity, your courage. I was looking forward to all your milestones, dancing down the aisle as you finally found that true love your heart desired, celebrating all your wins,” she wrote.

“I know you are in a better place but it hurts so much to say goodbye so soon in your prime of life.”

No less than 42 bodies have been pulled out of the rubble.