Clarion Chukwurah enrolls in self-defense class against rapists, kidnappers

Veteran actress Clarion Chukwurah has enrolled in a self-defense class to receive training against rapists and kidnappers.

The 57-year-year old in an Instagram post on Tuesday posted a video of her receiving training.

According to Clarion Chukwurah, she decided to enroll in the lessons due to the harsh reality of the times we are in. The actress also urged others to equip themselves with the necessary training against those who would do them harm.

She wrote: “Good Morning, Folks…Listen, Sweeties, the harsh reality of the times we are in tells you to go get some training in Self defence. so if it’s that deranged rapist or that satanic kidnapper that comes your way, you’ll have something to give to that son of a b.”

Fellow celebrities and fans applauded Clarion Chukwurah for her decision to protect herself against harm.