Christmas: Peter Obi preaches fear of God in public service

Peter Obi

Former vice-presidential candidate Peter Obi has urged public office holders in the country to put God ahead in their service to the people, advising them to see their offices as platforms for service to God and man.

In his Christmas message on Friday, Mr Obi explained that the reason for the season, which is the coming into the world of the Messiah, serves as a moment of reflection for leaders to re-examine their lives and turn back to God.

He said it is also an opportunity for political leaders and public office holders to reflect on the leadership qualities of Jesus, and learn from his meekness, humility and compassion for the people.

Obi, who lamented the level of poor governance in Nigeria, attributed it to the lack of fear of God and respect for humanity on the part of public office holders bent on pursuing self gain.

He said: “It is the absence of God’s doctrines in our leadership that leads to moral and political decadence, corruption and lack of prudence in governance.

“The dearth of true leadership and good governance in Nigeria stems from absence of godliness among leaders, which manifests in form of, but not limited to, corruption, self-aggrandizement, looting of public funds, financial imprudence and political irresponsibility. The enormous wastage in our public service today by leaders derives from greed and lack of understanding of the true definition of leadership with the fear of God.”

The former governor of Anambra State urged Nigerians, particularly Ndigbo, to use this period of Christmas to intensify their prayers for peace, urgently needed in the country.

“I urge Nigerians to use this year’s Christmas festivities to engender the spirit of oneness and also re-dedicate themselves to the virtues of love, patriotism and unity for the much desired national development,” he said.