Charly Boy knocks critics for calling out lesbian daughter

Musician Charly Boy

Controversial musician Charly Boy on Friday knocked critics who called out his lesbian daughter Dewy following his statement about crossover service.

The 71-year-old had earlier questioned the significance of crossover night, saying that it was not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

Some critics, however, called out his daughter after the the post was made.

Reacting in an Instagram post, the Area Fada wrote: “As Charly Boy Oputa, I have never let the expectations and opinions of other people affect my life. Because I live my life on my own terms, not yours and I’m fearlessly myself.

“But some Mumu Naijas are throwing tantrums because I say “crossover” nights are nonsensical. They call out my gay daughter as if am ignorant of her sexuality; such stupidity.

“If you’re so sure of your faith, why do you get upset when I doubt it? The least you can do is pray for me as I pray for people’s mumu to bellyful dem, but no, you will still come here to exhibit your ignorance. Well, I no send anybody.

“I have resolved to be more savage come 2022. So be ready because the truth hurts hypocrites a lot.”