Charly Boy goes after 2face for ignoring #ResumeOrResign protest

Charly Boy protesting in the rain

Musician turned activist, Charly Boy, has criticised pop star, 2face Idibia, over the latter’s silence on the #ResumeOrResign protest calling for the resumption or resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The 66-year-old, who was attacked by pro-Buhari supporters during a rally in Abuja on Tuesday, made his displeasure known in videos uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday.

Speaking hours after suspending the protest, Charly Boy said he was unhappy with 2facefor failing to “stand up to the injustices against the youth and the masses of this country”.

“This message is for 2face. As I no fit reach you my guy, I say make I talk to you right here. My guy, I no happy with you. I can’t lie,” he said in Pidgin English.

He recalled how the 41-year-old buckled under pressure to pull out of the One Voice Nigeria protest in February.

Pointing out that Nigerians forgave the African Queen singer after that incident, Charly Boy  wondered how “A beacon of hope like you dey suegbe when Nigerian people need you pass.”

Take this message to 2Face. Part One.

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2Face Say something. See our country.

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