Charles Inojie, Ali Nuhu team up in fight against domestic violence

Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu

Film practitioners Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu are using their platforms to create awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

The duo has teamed up in a new video tagged “Make We Halla” that is making waves on social media and breaking the culture of silence in Nigeria.

In the video Charles and Ali find themselves confronted with a disturbing scenario: witnessing an instance of domestic violence in a restaurant. The two men are faced with a choice. Do they mind their own business or speak up?

This is an issue close to the heart of both Inojie and Nuhu, as it is likely to be for many Nigerians, as research shows one in every three Nigerian women has experienced domestic violence.

Although Ali Nuhu instinctively decides they should ignore the situation, Charles declares, “Evil thrives when good men keep quiet.”

Together, they spark a collective demonstration with those in the restaurant by making noise, to show their disapproval and take a stand against the violence. The rallying cry, #MakeWeHalla, is an open invite to us all, encouraging bystanders to show that they oppose domestic violence.

When asked why the veteran actors have joined forces, Charles Inojie said: “Partner violence is happening all across Nigeria, yet often we stay silent. Make We Halla is about speaking up, so we let it be known that this violence is not acceptable. We are louder together.”

On his part, Ali Nuhu, who is also the current managing director of the Nigerian Film Corporation stated: “From North to South, people are going through domestic abuse and evil thrives when good men keep quiet! Every time we stay silent and watch the abuser have their way, we are giving them power. That’s why I said that this is something that we need to do.”

The actors are using their platforms to inspire Nigerians to recognise their power and speak up when they witness domestic violence within their own communities.

“We hope the video inspires bystanders to take action, to make halla in their own way,” Charles added.