Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls award aims to celebrate young African girls


As part of the Powerpuff (PPG) Girls’ 20th Anniversary, Cartoon Network Africa has placed its focus on recognizing and celebrating young girls from all walks of life, who want to shape the future with their creativity and innovation

The PPG awards have been created to celebrate and empower young girls in Africa between the ages of nine and 14, who are looking for a platform to showcase their skills and ideas to the world.

Split into three categories, each representing the Powerpuff Girls’ characters, entrants will be able to submit projects in the Science and Tech Inventor, Social Helper and Artistic Creator categories.

Cartoon Network is teaming up with the African arm of the international NGO, Save the Children, who are pioneers for children’s rights as well as Africa’s very own Powerpuff Girl, Toya Delazy, in their quest to find some of Africa’s young, amazing, girl heroes.

Each award category has been built on the inner power and special ability of each of the three super-cute, super-fierce Powerpuff Girls.

Entries for the awards open from August 15th to October 15th 2018. Specific guidelines for each category and the terms and conditions for entry can be found on DStv’s website from Wednesday, August 15th 2018 when the competition goes live.