Cardi B seeks Nigerian name between Chioma B, Cadijat

Rapper, Cardi B, has set off a new buzz on social media with a request for her Nigerian fans to decide which name she should adopt between Chioma B and Cadijat.

Chioma B was coined for her from Davido’s fiancee, Chioma, during her trip to Nigeria last December while Cadijat is being pushed by her Muslim fans.

The rapper, who appears not to be slowing down in increasing her fan base in Nigeria, said in a tweet on Monday evening that fans should select a Nigerian name for her.

“Let’s settle this ones (sic) and for all CHIOMA B Or Cadijat,” she said.

Cardi B has been toying with the idea of relocating to Nigeria with her family. Early Monday, she requested her fans to convince husband, Offset, to agree to the proposed move.

The American’s perceived desire to move to Nigeria is born out of fear of war following the killing of Iranian military general, Qassem Soleimani, by US forces.

Major General Soleimani was the head of Quds Force, a covert wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. His brutal exploits had been widely acknowledged by military analysts and governments across the world.

Iran has threatened to retaliate over the killing which was launched last Thursday near the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.