Brag if your money is legit – Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye Mr P P-Square

Singer, Peter Okoye, has advised his fans that it is okay to brag about their money as long they have earned it through hard work and a legitimate source of income.

The 38-year-old, who on Saturday revealed that he had been sick with the coronavirus, gave the advice on Twitter on Thursday.

“If you are made genuinely and your hard earn money is legit please brag! It’s your bagging right…,” he tweeted.

The member of now-defunct music duo, P-Square, showed off his house during an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, on Wednesday.

This comes after Peter’s wife, Lola, opened up about her experience with coronavirus, which she described as a “horrible experience.”

Peter, Lola, their seven-year-old daughter, Aliona and two of their domestic staff, had tested positive for coronavirus but have since recovered.