Blessing Egbe condemns bullying of Irish chef Alan Fisher who broke Hilda Baci’s record

Blessing Egbe

Filmmaker Blessing Egbe has condemned the bullying of Alan Fisher an Irish chef who dethroned Nigeria’s Hilda Baci as the Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Hilda set her record of 93 hours and 11 minutes in May, preparing over 100 pots of food during her four-day kitchen stint. She broke the record of 87 hours and 45 minutes set in 2019 by Indian chef Lata Tondon.

The GWR said on Tuesday that Fisher, a restaurant owner based in Japan, now holds the record for the longest cooking marathon.

After the announcement was made, many stormed Alan’s Instagram account to rain insults on the man.

Reacting in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Blessing shared screenshots of some of the derogatory comments by Instagram trolls and stated that she is ashamed to be a Nigerian.

She noted that the same group of people bullied the then-sitting record-holder Indian chef Lata Tondon before Hilda broke her record.

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She wrote: “These are such times when I am ashamed to be a Nigerian. Twueh!!!!! How dare you faceless keypad warriors troop to the page of an achiever and troll him for daring to break a world record held by a Nigerian? Did the Nigerian not unseat someone else? I recall when Hilda won the title, This same group of Nigerians went to insult the then-sitting record holder. They bullied her for different reasons. Why are some of you like this? Goodness gracious! Have a conscience and DO BETTER! Yuk!”