Blessing Egbe calls out government-owned broadcast station over alleged breach of contract

Blessing Egbe

Filmmaker Blessing Egbe has called out Cameroon Radio Television, a government-owned station in Cameroon over an alleged breach of contract.

The Lekki Wives producer accused the station of failing to keep to the terms of the contract in a post shared on Twitter on Thursday.

She wrote: “Please who knows the handle of the government owned-Cameroun Radio Television? I want to @ them and ask publicly why they take a producer’s content through OMEGA DISTRIBUTORS, sign a contract for the sake of it, and owe content makers for Years.”

“I’ve had 2 business dealings with 2 women from Cameroun, & both have failed to keep to contract terms. The first, after severally failing to make complete payment, blocked me! I let that go because I was aware of her personal struggles, but this is the GOVERNMENT! I will fight u!”

Narrating further, in an Instagram post, Blessing Egbe wrote: “Gist: The Cameroun Government owned- Cameroun Radio Television takes content from producers and publishes same to its viewers without paying for the said content as agreed on the contract terms. Owner of Omega distribution @brendaelung says her hands her tied. She says it is the norm of the government to owe producers for years! Including herself. She assures “They will eventually pay, even if it takes years”.

“Well…this thing these people do, isn’t it broad daylight STEALING? Should the government NOT keep to contract terms? Or are the distributors enabling them?”