Bimbo Afolayan prays for mother-in-law

Bimbo Afolayan

Nollywood actress Bimbo Afolayan has showered prayers on her mother-in-law for giving birth to husband Okiki Afolayan.

The actress shared the prayer in an Instagram message on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

In her lengthy post, Bimbo described her mother-in-law as not materialistic and a prayer warrior.

“I have never met anyone who doesn’t care about material things like this woman, everything she does is pray and wish everyone well.

“Maami the prayer warrior, if she prays for you all your prayers will be answered. The first time I met this Blessed woman, I knew I was to going to marry her son because I wanted to be her daughter & am so happy God answered all my prayers!.” her caption read in part.

The actress also pointed out that all the characteristic of her husband, Okiki Afolayan comes from his mother.

“If you have met Okiki you will know where he got all his good heart & charm from! I don’t know what else to say because I can keep typing and typing about how wonderful this woman is but let me put the rest in kisses and give it to her personally, she added.

Bimbo called on her fans to pray for her mother-in-law turned mother, who genuinely gave out her husband with love and appreciation.

“Fam my mother-in-law is not on Instagram but please help me pray for her too because I know she only prays for people! Maami ema jeun omo! Thank you for giving me your son with all your heart I promise to continue to be a good wife,” she wrote.

Bimbo’s prayers came a day after she announced the opening of a hotel in Arepo, Ogun state.

Bimbo dedicated a new home to her parents on 30 July 2020, months after her mother was harassed by their landlord.