Betty Irabor names Obi Cubana, wife in list of inspiring couples


Founder of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor on Friday named four couples she believes will inspire the younger generations.

The couples are entrepreneur Obi Iyiegbu aka Obi Cubana and wife Ebele Iyiegbu, actress Mary Njoku and husband Jason Njoku.

The others are comedienne Real Warri Pikin and husband Victor Asuoha; and actor Francis Duru and wife.

All the couples, Irabor noted, have been married for at least 10 years.

Commenting on her reason for toeing this line, the columnist wrote on Instagram, “I get many messages requesting that I host sessions on Marriage and how I have stayed married for close to 4 decades. I would have easily acceded to this legion of requests but how do you sit down to talk about marriage to people whose marriage agenda do not align with yours?

“How do you address people who already have a very ‘woke’ mindset about marriage—people who see marriage as a disposable commodity?…People who already have plans B, C and D even as they exchange their vows; people who are not accountable to anyone. People who want to be both single and married in the same breath?

“I have been married for close to 40 years, yes but I am no where close to being an expert in that institution. What I have is experience and the lessons from such experiences. I had no role models or “couples goals” to fashion my marriage after.


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“My parents were divorced and I was raised by a single mother. I simply entered my new role as a wife with the determination & commitment to make it work.

“How do I address people who see my type as dinosaurs with an old-school mentality? What do old people like us know anyway(s) to come and impact a different generation with a progressive outlook on love, relationships, faith and marriage?

“Great marriages never happen by accident; they happen because the couples involved decide to make it work as long as no one’s life is at risk from the other.”

Then she said about the couples earlier mentioned, “Today I celebrate these phenomenal couples who are not necessarily out to change any narrative on marriage but are just out there owning their own narratives and relishing in what they have built together.”