Why I missed Stephanie Busari’s court wedding in Cameroon – Betty Irabor


Founder of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor has revealed she missed the court wedding of CNN senior Africa editor Stephanie Busari because her passport was stuck at the immigration office.

Mrs Irabor, 66, said on Friday via Instagram that she took Mrs Busari out for lunch to make up for it.

She also took her friend Udo Okonjo out for missing the latter’s daughter’s traditional wedding.

“I couldn’t join my darling @udo_okonjo at her daughter’s @chidiashley trad wedding a few weeks ago, so I took her out to lunch,” Irabor wrote.

“It was supposed to be just the two of us but I decided that it would be nice to also invite @stephbusari whose court wedding in Douala, Cameroon I missed because my passport was stuck at the immigration office then.”

The columnist noted that they had fun together and shared great moments.

She added jokingly, “Hanging out with great friends is therapeutic and you’re not afraid they will go and order the most expensive food on the menu and add champagne on top because they are not the ones paying 🤣🤣 (Just kidding… I was ready for them…I took an overdraft)”

Busari, now married to Francois-Xavier Bediham, first got into marriage in 2009. The union ended after three years, producing a female child.