Bella Shmurda sings about Satan worship, homosexuality in ‘World’

Bella Shmurda

Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has spoken on the topics of Satan worship, homosexuality, incest and pastors using black magic in his new song titled ‘World’.

The release of the song was announced by Bella in an Instagram on Friday morning, as he shared a clip of the song and lyrics.

He captioned the post, “This one is from my heart, WORLD Out on all platforms.”

In the song, Bella sings about the importance of self-respect, as he says one could lie, lose, run from and not see the world, but not themselves.

The singer also touches heavily on social topics of Satan worship, homosexuality, pastors using black power and fathers sexually abusing their daughters.

The song has so far been met with approval from his fans as most of them have taken to the comments section of his post to express their positive thoughts.