Basketmouth speaks on beef with AY


Comedian Bright Ekpocha popularly known as Basketmouth has revealed that the fight between him and his colleague Ayo Makun also known as AY has been resolved.

The 43-year-old disclosed this in a recent interview with TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu reported on Wednesday.

Ebuka asked about the fight with AY during the conversation and Basketmouth revealed that he fell out with his fellow comedian because he ‘messed’ with loyalty, stating that they have made peace with each other.

“I’d have stayed where the competition is. I still do standup comedy but not with great energy because I’m targeting all-around entertainment now. My competition is me. There’s nothing [like a feud] between AY and I, he said.

“He came in my space; messed with loyalty by saying something to my lawyer Magnus that I told him in private. It was nothing but it was enough to cause a rift and have me put up the walls. We made peace and he apologised. I have no single problem with AY as claimed. We don’t talk.”

“We made peace and he apologised,” he said.