Barry Jhay arrested over label boss Karshy Gordon’s death in Ghana

Barry Jhay

Singer Barry Jhay has been arrested in Ghana in connection with the death of his record label boss Karshy Gordon.

It was reported on the night of Sunday that Karshy who was the boss of CashNation Entertainment, a record label Barry is signed to, took his life by jumping from a balcony in Ghana.

It was also reported that Barry and Karshy had a fight over accounts and other label-related issues in Ghana. When the argument got heated, Karshy allegedly punched Barry in the mouth, a story Barry confirmed when he shared a video of his bloodied mouth on Twitter.

“See the way this guy beat me like this.

“I no do anything, I de record and this guy beat me like this. I’m done with CashNation,” Barry said in Pidgin English.

Hours after the video emerged, news of Karshy’s death was reported and the Ghana police who believe the incidents were connected arrested Barry.

While some reports claim Karshy was pushed down from the balcony, others say he jumped to his death for fear of military police. There are also claims it is connected to cult issues.

Barry’s management had not released a statement on the incident as of press time.