Bantu releases satirical song, ‘Animal Carnival’

Photograph by Jean-Michel Vildeuil

The band, Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity (BANTU), led by musician and social activist, Ade Bantu, has released a new song, ‘Animal Carnival.’

A statement released by the band on Thursday read: “The premise of  ‘Animal Carnival’ is a simple question – how does one make sense of the outlandish and insane realities of Nigeria where corruption and kleptocracy have now reached staggering new heights, with missing funds being attributed to devious acts of the supernatural?

“Bizarre stories of creatures such as a snakes allegedly ingesting millions of Naira, roguish gang of monkeys carting away public money stashed by a senator in his farm house or a gorilla miraculously swallowing the entire earnings of a zoo have become the norm.

“No-one in Nigeria seems to be safe from these malicious beastly threats. Even the President, a retired army general, was allegedly forced to vacate his seat and work from home because his office was infested with rodents!”

The song is a 13-piece Lagos-based collective that explores Afrobeat, Afrofunk and Yoruba music roots.

‘Animal carnival’ is Bantu’s second single after ‘Disrupt the Programme’, both of which will be included in its forthcoming album, Everybody Get Agenda, which will be released in September.

Watch the video for ‘Animal Carnival’ on YouTube.