#BankWars: FirstBank, Union Bank, Access tackle Sterling Bank over Twitter shade

Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank has sparked a social media spat with rival banks through a mischievous Twitter message posted on Friday.

In a thinly disguised dig at FirstBank, Access Bank, GTBank and Union Bank, Sterling called on customers to “Shoot for the moon, become a star,” because “it’s the least you deserve.”

While a customer of the bank is seen travelling to the moon, those of the other banks – illustrated with their icons – are seen trapped on the ground.

“Choose a partner that takes you higher,” the message added.

The first response came from Union Bank, which now has former EFCC Twitter handler, Olufemi Adeyemi, aka F.Shaw, in its employ.

Union Bank began with a subtle message taking a swipe at Sterling Bank for “heading to the moon without a spacesuit.”

It took things higher by suggesting that Sterling should shut up when elders speak.

The most savage clap back came from Access Bank which posted a mic drop GIF of former US President Barack Obama.

It referred to Sterling as a “one-customer microfinance bank” travelling on an imaginary rocket.

FirstBank responded with a GIF showing a spacecraft crash-landing.

It added in yet another tweet that “what an elder sees while sitting, a child cannot see even if he travels to the moon.”

GTBank was yet to respond in kind as at the time of filing this report in spite of Twitter users urging it to.