Ayra Starr accuses Air France of racism over delayed luggage

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr has accused Air France of racism over a piece of luggage she claims has not been delivered to her by the management.

The singer called out the international airline in a series of Twitter posts on Monday.

She wrote: Air France this is starting to smell like racism, it’s been two months already! Please return my box to me !!! My laptop is in there, my music is in there, give me my box, I’m tired. All My worst flight experiences have been with Air France, please just return my box to me, I beg.”

In another tweet, Ayra Starr wrote: “Okay, please @airfrance @AirFranceNG please I just want my box, I’m not even angry again, I forgive y’all but just return my box, please.”

“My laptop, my new wig I was supposed to use for shoot sinceeee , e day inside, If you can give me my laptop and wig I won’t be angry again I promise,” The Bloody Samaritan singer tweeted again.

The singer also retweeted a tweet from a Twitter handle named Persecuted Diaspora Nigerian which read: “Air France? Oh, girl, it’s definitely racism. On my flight from U.S. to Paris, they treated us very well.

“Then when it was time to go from Paris to Nigeria, they were crazy rude. Sprayed disinfectant on us while we were seated, one person had an asthma attack. A whole mess.”