Apostle Suleman fires back at critics of dollar splash on Twitter

Johnson Suleman

Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has attacked the critics of his dollar splash on Twitter.

Suleman had on July 25 announced his intention to gift seven people $1,000 each.


He said the dollar splash would expire in August, adding that he would ask seven questions to determine the winners of the cash prize.

In a tweet late Monday, the preacher said he was informed that some persons were making videos against his cash splash to his followers on Twitter.

He added that the more videos they make, the more he becomes bigger.

“Was told that certain idle folks are doing videos (I don’t watch) against my giving out cash to my followers on twitter..DON’T YOU EVER LEARN?. the more videos and write up, the more am becoming bigger by his grace.i pray for God to bless ne so I keep blessing people.(genesis 12.2),” Suleman said.


Since he began his dollar splash, the cleric has been hit by critics one of whom he said was behaving like a racist and was acting ‘sick’.